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Brad Touesnard -

Congratulations on launching the new site Dan. I had tried the stock photo sites before too (without any luck). This is a great idea. I'm looking forward to importing a few photos from Flickr.

One big problem that will soon arise is users posting all their photos instead of hand picking the good ones. The age old signal vs. noise dilemma. Any plans to deal with that pickle?

Dan James -

The ol' signal vs noise pickle. Yeah we've thought about it and have some ideas on it. One of the biggest thoughts is what people consider noise is not actually noise but signal (to someone).

Seriously would you have ever guessed that someone would purchase this photo? I never would have but someone did.

That said we do have more concrete ideas than just "it's all signal baby!".

Powerful search tools. They're coming. They're awesome. Hot dang they are going to be sweet!

Come From Away referrals - The site is really designed so that you, a Flickr user, can place links on your flickr photos to buy them on ClusterShot. So people aren't using us as a place to search but rather Flickr. It's a checkout system really. With RSS feeds and soon to be released API it will work for any gallery.

Social Stuff - Photo ranking/tag ranking/yadayadayada. We'll get there eventually.

So that's how we're planning to deal with that pickle. Make sense? Any ideas?

Jane -

This is a really neat idea! I love how simple and user friendly it seems. Congratulations to all of you on developing and launching this - it is very cool.

Brad Touesnard -

Yea, that's a tough one. Someone else's trash is another's treasure. I think your point about placing buy links on Flickr is what really matters. There would be tremendous value in being able to simply provide your Flickr login credentials to ClusterShot and it would add buy links to all your Flickr photos. Kind of like a cluster shot of buy links.