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Bob Smith -

I am not sure that you will see this but if you do what program do you use for geotagging your photos?

Dan James -

Hi Bob,
I don't do it often but when I do I use Happy Camel.

Stephen -

Bob: If your on a Mac, also take a look at GPSPhotoLinker

For safety, tag a copy of your photos and not the originals

Brian -

Awesome!!! Thanks! I was just reading up on this via google (i.e. "Why do my saved track logs not seem to record the timestamp?) and I was reading about other eTrex models where basically the consensus was "use the active track log" to get the timestamp. I have an older model... the eTrex Vista Cx - but it still has a microSD card and I just tested it out... it WORKS! =) I'm very happy... for a moment there I was afraid I might need to upgrade to the HCx model! Thanks for posting these details!

Don -

Dan, thanks for this tip. This did the trick for me. I just got a Garmin, having had a Magellan for about 6 years, and was disappointed to find that my new GPS didn't save tracks with timestamps like my old one, until I found your directions.

Lisa -

Thank you for the tip, I changed these settings on my Garmin and now the timestamps are finally saved.