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Ryan Hillier -

Dude, I use a reef knot, and my shoelaces still come untied sometimes. In the SAS Survival Handbook there is a variation on it, but it isn't infallible either. Maybe my shoelaces are made of substandard material...

Levi -

Dan, I'm eagerly awaiting your next post on the positives of Capitalism. What's up with this shoelace analysis, man?

Dan James -

Sorry about that. It's one of those things that just came up :-). I've started writing the next "Good in Business" article though. Look for it in the next few days. It will be "Creativity in Business".

Levi -

No worries. :)

Sounds like a good one that you've got cooking.

Justin MacLeod -

Thanks Dan for the nice shoe-lace article. I've been doing it wrong for almost 30 years! =) (And by "it" I do mean tying my laces...ahem). I now will stride confidently with a spring in my step that I never had before. Tomorrow is looking up! Tonight... my shoelaces, tomorrow the world! In fact I am now seriously considering wearing my trusty Asics Gel sneakers to bed.

This is truly a small gem of information and I look forward to more like this!

Mathew -

Man, shoelaces are *meant* to come untied. How else are you meant to surreptitiously perve on girls/guys?

Andrew Frederick -

I like my shoes untied I will purposely tie them loosely so they do come untied and slowly loosen up as I walk and like to watch peoples reactions when they tell me my shoes are untied and tell them I like it that way.