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Brad Pineau -

My first computer experience was in the late 80s. For Christmas, my dad got us brand new Tandy 1000 from Radio shack. It came complete with an RGB monitor (16 colors), a harddrive big enough for the config.sys and autoexec.bat, and 256k of RAM. All software had to be run off diskette, which took minutes (seemed like hours) to load a full program. We mostly played the classic Sierra games, such as Space Quest, Gold Rush, and Police Quest. We would play for hours on end.. Our dream was to play Police Quest 2 (which required 512k RAM), but we never had a chance until we got an upgrade many years later. Anyways, after the novelty of the Sierra games wore off, I found a book that came bundled with the computer called "Introduction to GW-Basic". That was the day that Brad the Programmer was born. I quickly mastered the PRINT and INPUT statements, and oh yes, the GOTO. Oh how I loved the GOTO. Soon I had built my first game: Sheraldo. In fact, it still exists today (somewhere in my closet of discs).

Joe Blalack -

Mr. James:

Are you the founder of the American Council for Immigration Reform with offies in Arlington, Virginia?

Dan James -

Mr. Blalack:
No. No I am most certainly not.

Alan -

Hmmm...20 questions...have you climbed a bilibong tree?

Dave -

Will you rue the day you ever crossed paths with General John Ryker?

Devin Lytle -

this is soo retarded

Ben Collins -

My first computing experience would have to be the with the Commodore 64. I had one game, pitstop, and I had to start it from the command line (great game by the way). My computer skills have ventured not far beyond that after 15 years, so now I sell beach towels. I guess it's not for everyone.