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Craig Willson -

(replace the icao code with your location of choice.)

Rob MacD -

"weather network personalities"...sounds oxymoronic to me.

Dan James -

I'll give you that Rob. Some of the people on the network are a little bland. There are others though who obviously are excited about weather. Chris StClair would be the most energetic.

nathan -

Here's the perfect destination for you Dan: Pacific island of Niue. Harsh weather and complete WIFI coverage.

Keir -

Dan, do you use any weather feeds? I have had a London UK feed on our work intranet for about two years and in a survey I did about one year ago it proved to be one of the most popular features of our intranet, admittedly at the time the intranet was still in its infancy.

However today I received a deactivation notice due to changes in the service. Upon re-registering as requested I was told to visit to register for the UK service. Sadly they do not seem to offer the "weather on your site" feature. Do you have any viable alternatives?

Dan James -

Keir, no I don't use a weather feed. We used to have something similar on our intranet here at work that stripped out weather data from the local news' weather page. It was crude but it worked. I now use a folder of weather links in Firebird that I open in tabs every couple of hours. Craig, were are you getting your data from?

Peter Rukavina -

<P>Under the umbrella of my development work with The Old Farmer's Almanac, we're working on a project to make customized weather available via RSS. Stay tuned. You'll also be able to get Advice of the Day, Puzzle of the Day and Question of the Day.</P>

<P>Right now, perhaps the most intriguing part of, besides the long-range weather forecasts, is our database of weather history: you can find out what the weather was for any date back to 1994 for over 8,000 locations in North America. Ths feature uses freely-available NOAA data, and puts a friendly wrapper around it. It's very popular.</P>

Dan James -

Stevie G pointed me to this link from Wired. Amazing.

Craig Willson -

Dan - my feed in coming from metar reports provided by NOAA.

Mike -

For all you lightning fanatics out there check out this article. Like Steve's link to wired magazine, this one talks about strange atmospheric lightning phenomea, but it includes pictures too!

Dan James -

To my delight, Environment Canada has updated their web radar system and now it refreshes every 20 mins (as opposed to an hour before).

Mike -

For anyone out there using Miranda Instant Messenger, there is a weather plugin that displays the current weather information in your contact list. Used in combination with a history plugin it can be kind of neat.

Ryan Hillier -

Holy Severe Thunderstorm Watch Issued, Batman!

On a side note, what's the deal with the Weather Office's forecast phrasing? ie. What is the difference between a "risk of thunderstorms" and a "chance of thunderstorms?"

Tom -

Hey, if you like weather then check out

I'm always checking the environment canada website, since I'm stuck in a cubical all day. But the NOAA's site really keeps me ahead of the pack when it comes to weather. So you hear about that strong geomagnetic storm? Awesome.