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John Hawbaker -

Where can I sign up for a Cabinet position?

Alan -

Everyone knows the internet uses a Parlimentary model model of governance. Dutchie Mason for Prime Minister of this, too.

Dan James -

Cabinet positions - Good call! Which positions should we have?

Will -

First, I'd like to say finally!

Second, you've got my vote.

Third, I'd like to be secretary of parying down.

Steven Garrity -

I've taken to telling people that I'm the Regional Manager for Atlantic Canada for the Internet.

Will -

Er, that would be Secretary of Partying Down.

I'm all for this idea, but not enough to learn fencing.

Alan -

I want to be Wayne Easter's pronounciation of a US official: Secky-tary of Aggy-kulchur. What ever Aggies are, I want to be there to promote their cause.

Rob MacD -

An aggie is a type of playing marble.

Alan -

Then I am the Secky-tary of marble culture.

John Hawbaker -

Minister of Commerce? That way I could sell out to the special interest groups to get free stuff. Cars, computers, a plasma screen tv, and an iPod.

Dan James -

John, I thought you might be up to the challenge of minister of "homeland security".

dapyx -

I just had this idea with the president of the internet... serched on google.. and saw that someone took my place already :P

Bennett T. -

When are re-elections taking place, I'd like to run for the job of Pres.

Dan James -

Bennett, I just started my four year term in July so there are three and half years left. I wish you good luck in 2007.

Mr Nova -

I already hold the post. But you are more than welcome to run against me.

--Mr. Nova

Novanite -

You can find out more about the real election here:

Dan James -

Hey Mr. Nova - Your claim to already hold the post puzzles me as obviously I've claimed it before you. July 26, 2003 as opposed to sometime in the last few months for you :-).

How about we let Google decide? Whoever has the #1 spot for "President of the Internet" is in fact the president of the internet. This is fair as pagerank depends on how many people link to a site. We could almost count links as votes. Right now I'm #1 but you're closing the gap. Are you comfortable enough to actually let the people decide?

Mr Nova -

Which came first, the Nova or the egg?
I am more than happy to let Google decide. But what is the proper timeframe for one of us to delare victory?

Dan James -

Maybe it's a running election, whomever is the current winner on Google is the president. If you can sucessfully oust the other from #1 then you are the deserved president?

Mr. Nova -

Look like I am right behind you at #2. I am working my way up the google ladder. Shouldn't be too long now. I'll have more news for you soon.

Mark Hemphill -

But PageRank first ranks sites by the so-called 'importance' of sites linking to them. Under this method any big corporate site could crown the Prez. And Google monkeys with the PageRank algorithm whenever it wants. Oh I get works like our existing democracies!

How about a policy book from each of you and then have a real vote -direct democracy style?

Last Story fan -

There is another contenter from Last Story!

Randy Walker -

I'm running for President of the Internet too!

Joey -

On second thought, Mr. Nova doesn't even specify a doctype on his website. Dan James has much better standards-compliance than the other candidates. I know what it's like to keep a website up to code, and it's no walk in the park.

Randy Walker (the newest candidate) has a standards-compliant page in XHTML 1.1. As impressive as that may be, he's accomplished that using someone else's template for Wordpress, so I can't endorse him as a candidate either. He gets props for good behavior, though.

At any rate, my comments above were quite tongue-in-cheek (I hope everyone realized that). Good luck, Dan.

Jacob Dockendorff -

Hey Dan, you get my vote. Only on one condition.... I want to be Minister of foreign affairs.

Nils Ling -

I'm laying claim to Secretary of HomePage Security ...

Mandy -

Looks like the race is just getting warmed up. My question, why not Prime Minister of the Internet? At any rate, good luck to our fair Dan. Although I am unaware of the campaigns of the others running for this highly important position, I have to say I feel Dan deserves the title.

Now, with that said, I too want a flashy title when you win Dan. Something that involves a sash and a tiara would preferable, but beggars can't be choosers so they say.

DenverDawg -

I nominate myself for Secretary of Pr0n.

Tei -

The President of Mars salute you.

DJ Mac -

I lay claim to the head of the ministry of silly walks.

Nicholas MacDonald -

Can I be part of your secret service dan? And only one condition, I need a defensive item of some kind.

Surly Bob -

Hi! I'm only making this comment to drive google to my website. DOn't blame me! Google ruined the internet first!!

Glorious -

There could never be a president of the internet. It's too big :P

Glorious -

There could never be a president of the internet. It's too big :P

Ken -

As you can see by my email, I am president of PEI Sympatico.

Nelle -

Consider yourself endorsed.

Ben Collins -

I would like to be president of something someday. But in the meantime, I have to say, that the current president of the internet is long standing and very good and he should really be thinking about beach towels if he wants to look presidential this summer.

Shaitaan -

I wish you all the best luck Dan, if we had a formal voting process, I'm sure that there is a remote possibility that I would definately vote for you! Maybe...

...anyhoo...even though I don't currently have an active webpage (I blame McDonald's and their remarkably tedious, unintelligent and unimaginative Australian TV advertisements...)I feel it's about time I officially announced my self-endorsed and self-appointed position as Lord Emperor of the Internet! good luck with your meaningless presidential election...the internet is a monarchy now...

...Long Live the Emperor! YAY!

Cheers, Lord Emperor Shaitaan.

NB - anyone taking this seriously needs to increase the dosage of their medication...

Jessica Puritz -

Shouldn't a Canadian "President of the Internet" really be the "Prime Minister of the Internette"?

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