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Brad Pineau -

Very good point. The most important thing an employee needs to feel is wanted and needed. If an employee feels like they belong, they will be attached to their job on an emotional level, and will contribute to the company as if it were their own.

ryan -

I'd say another powerful business tool is the phrase: "I don't know". Followed by the appropriate "I'll look into it and let you know" or "I check and get back to you". People like knowing that you're human. Of course if you use this too often you look like a very stupid human; This is not a desirable effect.

Chris -

Yes that is one sad part of capitalism. They never think of the people. Profits begins to be the most important thing in life.

IndianRationalist -

In a free society, people choose their jobs at free will & quit at free will for better prospects.
If we want to be Politically Correct & practice Hypocrisy to appear Contemporary, we can choose to sermonize where it's least necessary. Those choosing higher pays to humane management can't complain about it; those not considering management & bosses not human, can't make a grievance on this count; and those treating vendors / customers dispensable, can't make a grievance of being considered one.
Reflection is at the root of how you wish to be treated.