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Rob Paterson -

I agree Dan - if you make a mistake you want it to be one you made yourself

Craig Willson -

Dan has made two very good points that have served me well. Firstly, always - " Listen to it, digest it, process it, check your gut on it, and then make your decision." Secondly, - " "Don’t be scared to not follow people’s advice too."

Equally important, IMHO, is when you receive good advice, don't allow your pride or arrogance to negate that advice. Occasionally, good advice will come from someone who is not a party to your business. The difficult part is recognizing when to follow good advice when it seems to be contrary to your own instincts. I have learned that occasionally, when someone stands back and asks "did you think about this?", I in fact, had not.

Chris -

You are the only one who know what is best for your business. I love to receive advices from other people but not always they are good.