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Steven Garrity -

Agreed. It's a cliche, but it's true. If you do buy a suit though (I don't own one), I would recommend reading: Men’s Fashion: Part 1, Suits from The Morning News.

Peter Rukavina -

I used to have a personal rule: if I was going to be presenting at a meeting where Catherine Callbeck would be present, I would always wear a tie.

Alan -

Perhaps hence Callbeck's warm reception at the polls. If you act like a stick you will receive less than if you are and treat others like humans. Handsome is as handsome does. Interestingly, I had a similar personal rule whenever I met Mr. Binns: say something obscurely embarrassing to him about him and his government.

Rob Paterson -

It is surely changing - my roomate at university who runs a business from his home in the country in England drove to town the other day to see his bankers. He dressed for the occasion in a blue suit. He found all his bankers in khakis and sports shirts.

Alan -

I think it is changing. I went out and bought two more pair of khakis last night as the suspenders look is definitely out in my workplace. Sneakers, shorts and hoodies are not yet in so after my "web work" days I still feel dressed up.